Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's All About Fate. Or Is It?

I’m sure we have all asked ourselves; “what does fate have in store for me?’

Fate could mean, who we are destined to become, who we are destined to be with, or what job we are meant to have.

But, what if we could change our fate? After all, there are no written rules, nothing written into our genes that determine who or what we become.

At times, we may look to others to help us understand ourselves. We may even live our life to please others, which is far different from serving our fellow man, or from living for our own heart and soul. But is that really necessary?

Personally, I believe in chasing YOUR own dreams. Creating YOUR own happiness. Regardless of what others may have to say.

I believe that we must think about ourselves, without becoming selfish.

I also believe that each day we are given here on earth; we must do only two things to be truly happy.

1.)    Do something for someone that can never repay you. This is not restricted to a deed that is based on money.
2.)    Do something for yourself that makes you happy to be alive.

We cannot live our lives trying to please someone. If we do, we are living in fear. Instead, we must live our lives to make ourselves happy!

If you’re not happy, then only YOU have the power to change it.

We must live our lives to be happy. To set out to be, what WE want to be.

We cannot sit idly by and let the past rule our lives. Sure, some of us have struggled with or are struggling with PTSD. But so what?

WE have the power the change!

After all, the only thing you are ever in control of is your attitude.

We already know that PTSD attacks our spirit, our ability to love, and our ability to think clearly. PTSD attacks our mind, body, and soul.

And because of this our own perception of how we view ourselves changes.

But how do we change our perceptions of ourselves?

Personally, I don’t understand someone that accepts their fate, if they are not happy with it.

But someone, that has the chance, has the ability to change, but won’t…..

Then no, I don’t understand that.

Sometimes it takes a traumatic event in life to see clearly for the first time. Even if that means, we don’t see clearly for several years after that event.

We must understand two truths:

1.)    No one else can change our behavior.
2.)    No one else will accomplish our own individual dreams.

Regret is scary. Death is scary. But not living up to what you could be, is even scarier.

What do you want be?